Working with our customer means putting customer focus and orientation to the centre of our thinking. We carefully evaluate your market, strategy, organisation and existing processes to find the correct development path for your future success.

Customer Insights

We help to understand how your customers ticks, why he behaves the way he does. We help to identify the customers which are the perfect fit for your products, to give you the most accurate starting point for future corporate, product and service development.

Organisational Development

We support corporates to develop a more customer centric thinking and to identify road blocks for new customer centric products & services. We help your employees to see the world through your customer’s eyes.


We assist you to price your products based on the value it generates for your customer. We help to set up a competitive pricing structure and to identify additional customer segments and revenue streams.

Sales Strategy and Controlling

At CXB we help you to improve the performance of your sales organisation by developing a strong sales funnel and by identifying areas for improvement within you sales cycle. We furthermore focus your sales team on the most potential future customer segments and help them to identify high margin products and services.

Customer Loyalty

We help companies to foster their key customers to create a loyal customer base that will be your most efficient marketing channel.

Customer Focus